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About Us

Our mission:

To present prospect investors seeking to buy mainly residential or commercial properties or invest in businesses in Greece, with carefully selected and filtered investment options, thus saving investors’ valuable time, effort and money during their search process.

Our story:

Our core team members come mainly from the areas of Property Consulting & Brokerage, Banking, Finance and Marketing, with significant academic and work experience in multinational and local corporations, in the U.S., U.K. and Greece.

As our clients and their associates in Greece and our contacts from the U.S., Europe and Middle East kept inquiring from us about buying or selling properties and hotels in Greece, we decided to combine their requests with our expertise and contacts.

As a result we created a boutique business aimed at serving demanding buyers looking for efficiency and value for money deals in their search process for quality assets in Greece.

Our core values:

• Efficiency, because “time is precious”!
• Quality
• Responsibility
• Integrity
• Accountability
• Respect for our clients

Central Organization provided by:

Tasos Ladas

Property Consultant
Banking & Finance

Mob.: + 30 6945 430 424

Konstantinos Ladas

Licensed Broker
Mob.: + 30 6947 812 759

Maria Karra

Mob.: + 30 6968 38538

Other information:

• we work directly with the client (buyer or seller) and never through intermediaries
• geographical areas of our main focus:
- Athens greater area (North, Central, and South suburbs)
- Certain Cyclades islands in the Aegean sea
- Islands in the Ionian sea
- Island of Crete

Our Expertise

Our core team members possess substantial expertise in the areas of:

• Real Estate Property Consulting & Brokerage (in both Commercial & Residential properties and Businesses)
• Banking
• Deal Assessment
• Finance (obtain funds for investments from bank, equity and government subsidy financing sources) and • Marketing

Our associates primarily cover the areas of:

• Legal services:
- For the purchase / sale of the asset,
- for investments involving non E.U. citizens wishing to apply for the Greek Golden Visa / 5 Year Renewable Permit / Schengen Visa equivalent, the processing of these applications for all family members and
- for all immigration related cases
• Taxation matters
• Property Valuations by certified trustworthy appraisers, including RICS protocol
• Civil Engineering services, including building regulations matters and licensing provisions from local municipal and central government agencies.

Profile of our clients:

Parties interested in investing in Greece, such as individual persons and families or corporate entities, wishing to buy residential or commercial real estate or place funds in certain other types of businesses (energy, tourism, the emerging Greek medical cannabis industry etc.).

Our Services

What makes us different from the competition:

Our aim to facilitate transactions for buyers, using our expertise to accurately assess a case and pre-structure a deal before the case is presented to the buyer.

We selectively cover the buying and selling of:

• residential real estate,
• commercial real estate, and
• businesses (hospitality / tourism such as hotels, energy, agriculture including medical cannabis production, trade and certain other sectors).

Main benefits to you as our client:

• you receive personal service in the form of relationship management
• you may coordinate all or some aspects of your case with one person, the Central Organizer, or Relationship Manager, instead of dealing with each service provider separately
• you get filtered deals by professionals who know the local property and business environment
• you enjoy full confidentiality from us, especially in sensitive banking matters
• you get accurate information in all your local dealings and
• you avoid the hassle and lost time from looking at unfiltered deals or visiting properties with incomplete information about the overall case specifics or financial issues, thus making their purchase either a tiresome and expensive process or, after all facts are weighed in, highly unlikely.

We facilitate buyers by providing them with the following services

1. We search for the type of assets they are looking for (both commercial & residential real estate and businesses)

2. We pre-check the case specifics by initially assessing:
• the asset for sale (property value, preparation of appropriate visual presentation material by the owner to be communicated to the buyer, property features & general current condition, surrounding area information),
• and the terms of sale originally set by the seller

3. We negotiate with the seller and, in cases where there are liens on the property, with the other stakeholders (such as banks/other creditors) a price and a deal structure with terms of payment before presenting the case to the buyer. This way, the buyer saves time for all the steps up to this point and all he/she has to do is:
A. visit the asset (which had already been presented to him / her by email),
B. confirm our team’s pre-negotiated base agreement with all stakeholders on the Greek end and, possibly, make some last stage fine tunings, and shake hands with the seller,
C. proceed with the last essential steps of the buying process:
• conduct the civil engineering due diligence,
• conduct the legal & tax due diligence,
• conduct the commercial and accounting due diligence (only in cases of businesses), and
• close the sale

After the closing of the sale, we can:

manage certain aspects of the ownership of the asset for its new owner (including oversee any renovation / construction where needed), depending on the location of the property, and
undertake its sale process it in the future, when the owner decides to exit the investment by divesting from the asset (we prepare the asset sale, we present it to and negotiate with prospect investors, and close the sale).

In short, we can act as the Central Coordinator / Contractor for all service providers to the client, on behalf of the client (buyer or seller).


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Address: Kalomenopoulou 12, Neo Psihiko 154 51
Phone: 210-6744-443
Email: realestate@alesta.gr